Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hocus Pocus

 I decided to make our costumes this year...i made all except Jakes Captain Hook costume, my mom made that one a few years ago
 Jake wouldn't admit it but he loved putting on his Halloween makeup
 My little Peter Pan
Our Peter Pan themed family at the ward Halloween party
 Tinkerbell with Captain America

Trunk r Treating with the kids

Hallie turns three

 The Cake Before
 The Cake After
 Obviously we did a pink princess party

We had all the kids sign in by painting their hands and sticking their print on the window...some kids were really scared of doing it. I thought it was funny

Couldn't Stay Away

With the help of Jakes mom we decided to go to Alaska for the month of August, and so glad we did!
 Looking down on Cordova as we are flying in

 Hallie saying one more minute because we are having to much fun on dads boat

I love my little family

 Grandpa got the hot tub working and we were so glad he did!

Breakfast at the Niles house
We made bat outfits at the library

 In the plane about to fly out to meet Jake on the boat
 This is the boat Jake was on all summer the "Endeavor"
 This is one of Jakes jobs, he drives the "skiff" and keeps the seine boat off of the net as they haul in their catch
 This is what the other crewmen do while Jake is in the skiff, this is what they call "stacking the seine" hard work,  McKay did this on his boat.
 About ready to leave Jake and head for Land
 One last minute mend job, looks pretty good hu?

The pilot picking me up, its so cool to watch him land the plane

Jake took the kids with him to fuel up his dads boat

 Jake took the whole family out on the Endeavor to go halibut fishing and set some shrimp pots

Hallie didn't want McKay to leave

Blueberries for Sal?

Little blueberry snitcher
Love our outings with the Niles

 Taking Grandpas boat out for a test drive...didn't go so well

 Hallie was mad that we cut the fish up...sorry baby thats life!
Touching the eyeball is the best part

This was about as good as it got for me that day

 Dress up time

until we meet again